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Comcast or Comcrap

Luckily my good friend Robert Scoble explained there are no rules to blogging, because I’m pulling the gloves off for this one.  I hate Comcast, have since I was 19 and they charged me for a cable box I returned.  FYI to my younger readers, don’t put the cable bill in your name while in college; only heartache will ensue.  I am obviously not the only consumer unhappy with Comcast services, this lady took it to another level.  Thus when the opportunity came to investigate an entities Wikipedia page Comcast certainly intrigued me.  What I found did not disappoint or surprise.

Wikiscanner is an incredible tool that pulls back the curtain on who is making edits to a certain Wikipedia page; using Wikiscanner I was able to investigate Comcast.   The Comcast page has been edited 439 times, almost identical to competitor DirecTV with 441 edits.  Comparing the two pages shows many discrepancies.

 The majority of the edits on the Comcast page come from Comcast offices, and within those edits many erase negative information left on the page.  The DirecTV edits have no correspondence with an actual DirecTV office and multiple edits come from Comcast offices.  This data suggests that Comcast employees are concerned with information being posted on their Wikipedia page.  Perhaps this is because they have garnered the national reputation as one of the worst providers of customer service in the country.  Lengthy waits for service calls, billing issues, and phone calls are reasons cited for the negative reviews Comcast frequently receives.

 The Wikiscanner furthers this theory, with edits made removing negative content from the Comcast Wikipedia page.  Granted most of the comments are not written in the NVOP, still the fact that comments such as this get posted:  “Given Comcast’s notorious relationship for poor service and even worse reliability”.  This commentary was erased by someone at the Comcast office in New Castle Delaware.  Another example of Comcast editing there own Wikipedia page came from the Comcast office in Beaverton Oregon; the phrase “Comcast is also extremely incompetent” was removed.

 I realize some editing by Comcast IP addresses is fair since the postings are individual commentary and there is no possible way for attribution.   The knowledge gained from the Wikiscanner report of the Comcast Wikipedia page is that Comcast employees are certainly monitoring the page for negative information.  Whether or not this is sponsored or sanctioned by the company, and I do not know that it is, the continued editing from Comcast IP addresses reinforces the tenets of my Comcast hatred.  Simply put, if Comcast did not run such a shoddy company they would not need employees mining the Wikipedia page for negative information.


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