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Go! Team

Last night I went to my first show in a little over a month and had a great time.  Band was The Go! Team and venue was 930 Club.  Show was late; doors opened at 10 and the band didnt come on until a little after 11.  When they did come on, to borrow a phrase from Wu Tang, they brought the ruckus.  Ninja, the lead singer, came out in a Stanley Kubrick version of a Hooters uniform and the energy started pouring out. 

Songs were belted out with furious precision and a cacophony of instruments.  Most band members played at least two instruments; between songs was a constant shuffle of guitar player to drums, drummer to guitar, singer to piano, etc, although I was somewhat disappointed when I learned the horns in some of the songs were recorded and not live.  Back up vocalist Kaori Tsuchida played a ridiculous recorder and may have stolen my heart in the process.  There was grittiness to the songs; distorted guitars, odd instruments and the intentional aura of chaos.   The crowd was as much a part of the show as the instruments, with the band imploring singing and chanting throughout.

Even the most emo depressed Zach Braff wannabe would have left this show dancing and smiling.  The combination of British dance pop rock and the authenticy of these young talented musicians provided for a great show.   So get off my blog and start downloading; there US tour concludes tonight in Philly.


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