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The Gamer

Once upon a time I was a huge video game guy, however my peak was probably in middle school and the decline has been steady ever since.  I always prefer sports games as opposed to first person or fantasy games.  My favorite video game ever is probably Madden from the early 90’s, and the only computer game I ever truly embraced was Oregon Trail on the Apple II.  I did love my Nintendo as a boy, Tecmo Bowl and Contra (every guy my age still remembers the code)specifically, and quite a few hours in college were devoted to seasons of College Football.

So in signing up for a Second Life account I was going in quite skeptical.  My stance on video games is somewhat negative, and a fantasy world where I have a character that can grow and develop is arguably the last way I would ever want to spend my time.  Like my father always taught me, I tried Second Life; lasted maybe two minutes before I closed the browser down.  I have a real life, I dont need a second one.

Now that my Second Life rant is out of the way I do enjoy some video games.  Fifa on X Box is fun to play against my buddies and the Wii has combined actual physical activity with video games which is an encouraging sign for kids who are getting fat.  Further, I will admit to loving the Buck Hunter game they have in bars, which is probably as close as I’ll ever get to real hunting.

None of this is providing any insight to what is a booming industry.  Halo 3 on X Box just had the largest ever entertainment release and prompted two guys I know to take the following day off work to stay home and play.  Real athletes are now blogging about there video game abilities and companies see the possibilities in gaming advertisingProjected advertising numbers from the gaming industry could reach as high as $1 BillionToyota is currently running a spot poking fun at World of Warcraft and in my two minutes on Second Life I saw a Cisco ad.  Gaming has become so successful the US Military is now using games as a recruiting tool.

Millions of people are playing these games, some spend tremendous amounts of time and advertisers and businesses see the growing markets.  Advertisers will have better luck with the planes flying up and down the beach in reaching me though.


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