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My Buddy Dan

Even though we have never met I consider Dan Steinberg a close friend.  You see I check in on Dan at least twice a day, and often many times more than that.  We have very similar tastes and sense of humor, although we are at different stages in our life; Dan married with kids, me single and not even wanting pets.  Dan is there for me throughout all of life’s emotions; boredom, excitement, curious, seeking knowledge.

 Dan Steinberg is the man behind the Washington Post Sports Bog, a great blog providing inside information on the Washington sports scene.  As a local sports fan this site serves me far better than the national sports blogs such as With Leather or Deadspin, although I check those regularly as well.  The locality of Steinbergs coverage allows for a familiarity with the athletes, coaches, teams and characters that have come to make the DC sports scene.  I would also be remiss to mention that some of the current athletes in DC provide exceptional blog fodder, specifically Gilbert Arenas and Clinton Portis

What separates the Sports Bog from the print edition of the sports section (which is also tremendous) is the irreverent tone Steinberg takes in his coverage of local sports.  WSB examines nuances that are entertaining and trivial, allowing fun to be injected into what is too often a droll and dry sports landscape.  Additionally the WSB humanizes the athletes, allowing the fans some intimacy with the players they root for.  What truly sets the WSB apart is how funny it is, with entries stemming from players hair to international Redskin fans


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