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War is a Motherfu****

Presented the task of reading military blogs my initial reaction was surprise.  I had no idea the abundance and brevity of milblogs on the Web and the resulting emotions that occur upon reading.  Through my digging I found American Soldier and was confronted with the harsh realities that are war; not to mention plagiarized my title.  The gruesome accounts from the front lines caused me to shudder, yet the steadfast belief in the mission served is beyond admirable. 

Michael Yon is another milblog and offers a different perspective; Michael is an unsponsored reporter in Iraq.  He is able to cite troop indifference resulting in a lack of faith superior officers.  This blog can publish these thoughts without the fear of retribution unlike a soldier blog.  The writing is also tremendous “This may not be the war some folks had in mind a few years ago. But once the shooting starts, a plan is just a guess in a party dress.”

Reading these accounts from the front lines immediately forces perspective; fairly hard to complain about traffic or grocery store lines in comparison.  The war has been politicized, particularly here in DC, with the discussion forgetting that our fellow Americans are in foreign countries fighting and dying.   Soldier blogging has become a dilemma within the Pentagon, the availability of front line accounts makes real the violence of war.  However it also allows for those in America to know the soldiers believe in there mission.  Reading that a soldier has befriended young Iraqi’s or protected villagers during insurgent attacks humanizes our troops, serving as a reminder of the virtue of this operation. 


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