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Pink Hat Nation

The recent post on The Rupe theorizing that teams inevitably take on the persona of the city seems valid.  There are plenty of instances, Kobe playing in LA is a primary example.  My quarrel comes in two forms; the authors assertion of DC as a pretentious transient town and the commendation of the Boston Red Sox and there legions of fans.


The upsetting part with my beef is that I have to agree in some form that DC is pretentious and there are a number of transients.  What must be pointed out is that the city has vastly changed since the late 70’s/early 80’s when the city garnered the reputation as transient.  I for one am a lifelong Washingtonian and don’t have anywhere near the bank account to pull off pretension.  Recently I met a young woman and over the course of the conversation she realized I was from the DC area and said “What is it with you DC boys that you never leave?”  I realize this is far from quantifiable evidence, the message though is clear.  To exemplify the homegrown talent DC has and keeps, Darrel Green is the best example.  First round draft pick, played his whole 20 year career here and built a home and legacy throughout the community.

Defending the arrogance of Boston sports fans is where I must draw a line in the sand, especially the ever growing “Red Sox Nation”.  Do you really think Sully from Pawtucket is driving to Baltimore 9 times a year?  Far more likely these “fans” are the thousands of identity searching posers that have become Sox fans since there first WS triumph in 2004 that are invading Camden Yards.  This “invasion” probably comes from the Baltimore Washington area from locales such as Columbia, Towson and Rockville.  The only thing New England in these towns is the attempted clam chowder, and the Red Sox fans going to Camden Yards are probably about as authentic as the chowder served in Rockville.  Besides, you missed the best example of your theory; Curt Schilling as Boston Red Sock.  Self righteous, arrogant windbag meets loud mouthed, mob mentality “dirty, stinking fools” to borrow a description.


One Response to “Pink Hat Nation”

  1. You met Scarlett Johansson for reals?! You must be the envy of all your guy friends!

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