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Last night was the first good night sleep I got in close to a week.  Since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving my life had been a mix of catching up with friends at bars, final papers and projects, and family in from out of town.  So yesterday when I heard the news Sean Taylor had been shot a range of emotions went through my head.  As the night progressed it was my understanding surgery had helped the situation and things were looking better for the 24 year old.  I went to bed and finally got a good nights sleep.

My alarm clock is set to 95.5 WPGC; not really sure how it got there but I like it.  This morning at 7:35 Donny Simpson alerted me to news that Sean Taylor had died from complications due to a gunshot wound.  First thing I heard, before I got in the shower, before I had really even opened my eyes.  My head sank into the pillow, blankets over my face.  Here was a man I had no personal connection with yet felt a personal connection with.  My favorite player having his best year.  A young man entering the prime of his life with a baby daughter that reportedly meant the world to him and forced Taylor to mature.  Dead.  Life over at 24.  Two years younger than me.  So damn sad. 

As usual I headed to You’re Making Me Do This to see if we shared the same perspective.  We did.  If he couldn’t concentrate yesterday I certainly can’t concentrate today.  The speculation and endless cycle of talk radio compounded my disillusionment this morning.  My emotions have ranged from guilt to anger but are mostly acute sadness.  A life with so much promise cut short at such a young age.

I am not naive enough to think this was a random burglary gone wrong.  I know other factors will probably prove quite prominent.  Im not ready for that yet; let the man have some peace without the incessant questioning and conjecture.  Please.  If I feel this way as a random fan imagine the friends, family and his poor little girl.

In my office I have a small poster of Sean Taylor hanging, a Secret Santa gift from two years ago.  This Sunday I have tickets for the Skins game.  The poster is staying up and I still plan on going to the game, not sure the sentiments involved in either yet think both moves are necessary and right.

This is truly a sad day for everyone involved, for the Skins players, coaches and fans, Taylor’s friends and family.  As is the case with death everyone will have to deal in there own way.  For one day, let us please remember the man in life than question his every move in death.  The truth will come but I for one am not quite ready to hear it. 


2 Responses to “Void”

  1. Hey JP, nice post! Have you and John come across Christopher Chambers’ blog ( Barbara Feinman Todd sent me the link the other day. He addresses the same situation, but with a different perspective. You guys should really check it out.

    Anyways, what I can glean from all of this is: Everyone should put themselves in Sean Taylor’s family’s position. Look, I believe there are far larger implications to this tragedy (which I will not attempt to discuss here for fear of digression). But I just feel that this is the time to grieve for such a terrible waste of life; at least be considerate of the family’s pain. Heck, I have never heard of Taylor, let alone that big of a fan of football (big fan of soccer, though!). But I can only imagine losing my younger brother that way, which is scary because he is exactly the same age – 24. So I can identify with that, and in a more general context, everyone can do so in regards to a great loss.

    Now as for the questions, that can be dealt with later.

  2. […] a lot of shared interests, mainly the Redskins. Then tragedy struck, Sean Taylor was murdered, and John and I grieved together.  We shared the understanding that Taylor meant to us as fans, and we both saw the bigger picture […]

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