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Finkel is Einhorn

The climatic finish of the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura rarely draws comparison to political campaigning, however the two character-one person ending of Ace Ventura compares strongly to the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns.  Just as Finkel is Einhorn, Ron Paul 2008 is quite similar to Howard Dean 2004.  Dean’s campaign was the first to embrace the unilateral power of the internet and generate grassroots support from the web; Paul has taken this platform and run with it.

In 2004 the Dean campaign opened themselves up to questions from readers of the Smirking Chimp from all over the country.  This was the first step in what would become a revolution in campaigning.  Most of the major campaigns at the time simply thought of the internet as a means to fundraise while Dean tapped into the net’s inner leaflet-tier.  Through Meet Up and blogs (in 2003 & 2004 evidently blogs were rare, particularly from a Presidential candidate) Dean was able to motivate his constituency and with the shrewd planning of Joe Trippi, campaign manager, the constituency was armed with necessary information and resources to spread the Dean word.  Then he blew it with this crazy speech. 

Ron Paul has used the internet almost exclusively as he has transformed from an afterthought to a campaign force, including raising almost over $4 million in a single day.  Paul’s national rise to prominence has reinforced the Dean campaigns belief in the internet as the most powerful tool for organizing volunteers and disseminating campaign platforms.   Through the use of multiple social networking sites, YouTube and blogging Paul has been thrust into conversation about the Republican nominee for President.

Obviously Paul and Dean are quite incongruous on there political beliefs.  However both men and there campaigns were able to see the power of the internet and embrace that power in rising from obscure outliers to legitimate Presidential candidates.  Remember through all the physical differences, Finkel is Einhorn after all. 



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