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State of My Union

No blogging in a while, I have been mired in actual work, fake work and all the effort that goes into my look.  Plus my writing of late has been uber-personal, more so than my travels through the Pacific Northwest or redundant ethical statements, and I wasn’t comfortable sharing it with the masses.  Let them by the book.

The NCAA tournament is almost here and my Terps have let me down.  There was a point in late January or early February when I thought they had a real chance of making a March run – maybe Sweet 16 and knock off a #1 seed.  After a level 8 stomach punch game against Clemson at home and the ensuing collapse against UVA I think they are done.  Prove me wrong and I will make it rain like Elliot Spitzer in the Mayflower. 

I’m still not sure if I can call Georgetown “my” Hoyas, but I am not too enthused about their March chances.  They will certainly make it to the second weekend, though last year’s Final Four run will not be repeated.  Too many lucky breaks this year; Hibbert’s three against UCONN, phantom foul call in the ‘Nova game, Ewing’s block/goaltend against WVU.  The Hoyas used up too much karma and with the existing credit market there isn’t more to borrow.  My pick to cut the final net is UCLA.

Politically, the liberals are all over the place, ruining general election chances with infighting.  The Clinton campaign must realize they need Barry to win a general, thus the VP offer.  I was thrilled to see Obama channel David Allan Coe and tell Hillary “Take this Job and Shove It”.  Hey lefties, send Hillary out there in November and you’re toast.  Barry is a unifier; Hillary is divisive and reminds me of my middle school principal who suspended me twice.  Jonny Mac is relaxing and solidifying his base, most of the time anyway.  The GOP is hoping for a Clinton victory, which would make his road to 1600 Penn that much easier.  If Obama wins the Dem nomination I will be happy with whoever becomes our next President; Obama vs. McCain reminds me of the election I wanted in 2000, Bradley vs. McCain.

Music and movie scene is surviving.  I have a few shows lined up for the next month or so: Ghostland Observatory, New Pornagraphers, Yeasayer, Widespread Panic.  Excited for the first three, each a different sound but I expect good things.  Panic is a long time favorite who I may have to see a few times while they are on the East Coast.  Two movies on my radar are In Bruges and City of Men, have seen neither but hope to soon.  Read positive reviews on In Bruges and City of Men is from the same producers as the tremendous Brazilian film City of God.

Opening Day is a little more than two weeks away and I recently cruised by Nationals Park.  Astonished how much work is done but still more amazed at how much needs to be completed with the little time left.  The energy of the new stadium on March 30th should be incredible.  I expect my pulse to race, the culmination of a lifetime of wanting DC to have its own baseball team.  I expect more out of the stadium than I do from the team; a .500 finish would make me happy.  By the time the Nats are good hopefully the area surrounding the ballpark will have something to offer.  I expect both these things to happen in 2010.

More to come soon, I promise. 


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