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Too Short

I have no idea how he feels, I can’t imagine the pain and it would be insincere to attempt a description.  The strange thing is we are not close friends, we met last year in class and quickly realized a lot of shared interests, mainly the Redskins. 

Then tragedy struck, Sean Taylor was murdered, and John and I grieved together.  We shared the understanding that Taylor meant to us as fans, and we both saw the bigger picture of a little girl losing her father.  The emotions felt in those days were real, even if we were removed from the intimacy of the situation. 

Again I am removed from the situation and a tragedy has struck.  John’s younger brother has suddenly died, and his family must be devastated.  When I read the email I was floored, a young man taken from the world well before his time.  I never even met the guy, but knowing his brother gives me a good idea what he was like. 

I am terribly sorry for my friend, and I do not know what to do or say.  Of course I will offer to run errands or pick up schoolwork, but I wanted to offer something more.  Unable to come up with anything I came up with a simple goal – encourage everyone that reads this to be thankful for your friends, your family, whoever is important to you, because we never know when things will end.  Light a candle, say a prayer, pour out a little liquor, whatever you deem appropriate, but allow some time to be thankful for all the people in your life that matter.   

My thoughts and prayers go out to John and his family.


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