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Who Thought Kobe Would be the Classy One?

 While it appears everyone is caught up in the euphoric return to the NBA crown of the Boston Celtics, I have a lingering feeling that we were tricked.  All year, the Celtics played selfless hoops; making the extra pass, providing great help defense, rebounding as a team with all five players protecting and attacking the rim.  The Boston run to the title was celebrated as the validation of three future Hall of Famers who deserved whatever praise was thrown their way.  The coach who was so openly questioned had delivered a title, cue the Disney music.


Then the blowout happened.  Boston was up thirty, they were up forty, the game was out of reach for the Lakers midway through the third quarter (if not before).  I was prepared to be happy for Boston, a city whose sports franchises evoke my vitriol, since they had played the right way and earned the title. 


The right thing to do was call off the dogs, dribble out the shot clock, and let the game end.  Instead the Celtics kept shooting threes, kept throwing alley oops, despicable acts by what is known to be a classy franchise.  When Kevin Garnett blocked a Lamar Odom shot with less than five minutes left and an insurmountable lead I was applauding the effort, when he continued to talk trash to Odom is when my stomach began to turn.  As the starters were pulled out the Celtic bench kept the sophomoric behavior going with the pinnacle being the alley oop to Tony Allen under two minutes with a 30+ lead.  The on court behavior reminded me of another Boston team, the New England Patriots and their affinity for belittling beaten opponents by running up the score.  Instead it was the Celtics and their media savvy coach Doc Rivers.


Perhaps Doc didn’t notice the on court action since his hands were so full on the sideline.  When the cameras showed the Celtic bench with less than four minutes left it looked like a circus clown car pulled up and dropped off 100 hundred babies, baby mommas, and various other hangers on.  The Celtic sideline was so full it would have been impossible for an inbounds play, not to mention the player certainly would have slipped. 


That’s right, Paul Pierce dumped the cooler of Gatorade on his coach, perhaps for the first time in basketball history.  This football tradition doesn’t carry over to the hardwood for just that reason, it is HARDWOOD!  The liquid will not soak up in the ground, rather just sit on the court until people inevitably slip and fall.  The announcers lacked the courage to call Pierce, Rivers, or the Celtics for any of this buffoonish behavior.


The postgame celebration was no better.  Garnett gave one of the least intelligible, gibberish victory speeches on record, though Michelle Tafoya should have realized the boorishness of the interview and given up.  The players on the podium celebrated and partied like sailors pulling into port for the first time in six months.  Even the owner joined in the slovenly effort, with an egregious jump on top of the trophy podium.


The Celtics had a great year, and played great team basketball.  They deserve to be congratulated for their play, unfortunately there antics in the waning minutes of championship 17 tainted it all.


One Response to “Who Thought Kobe Would be the Classy One?”

  1. Agreed…..though on the court an embarasing performance by the Lakers.

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