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Where did the Footballs Go?

I love sports, all sports.  I remember once as a kid visiting family in England.  This was pre-internet, and my cousins didn’t even have cable.  I sat with my older cousin, he was probably 17 and I was 9, watching cricket.  I had no idea what was happening, but it was sports and it was on television, so I watched.

Fast forward to me at 27, with two glorious days off work, a couch and a flatscreen tv.  I understand Christmas is a time for family and friends, but for me college and pro football ARE my friends.  And I did not get to see my friends during Christmas.

I get that the NBA dominates Christmas.  I remember being glued to the tv in high school watching MJ battle the nerds from Utah on Christmas night, and I watched and enjoyed some of the games on Christmas day.  But let us not forget football is the horsepower in the sports engine, the bourbon in the egg nog.  People don’t like slow cars, and nobody drinks virgin egg nog. 

You mean to tell me that of 34 college bowl games not a single one could have been scheduled on Christmas?  Am I the only one who sees the potential for ratings?  You have almost the entire country off work, sitting at home, with NO FOOTBALL to watch?  Note to NBC, ABC, Spike, Versus, ESPN 1-7 and any other awful local sports affiliate; don’t complain about loss of advertising revenue when you refuse to capitalize on holidays stuffed with terrible programming.

The TV options on Christmas Day were so bad I ended up watching portions of three different Rocky movies.  I saw the end of II, the beginning of III and most of IV.  What is more amazing, the options were so bad my mother and sister — two decidedly anti-sport/boxing movie women — watched Sly Stallone mumble his way through Philadelphia with me.  By the time Rock knocked out Drago I even convinced my sister Rocky IV singlehandedly ended the Cold War.

Christmas morning, before my mom and sister arrived, my dad asked what football games were on.  I told him there weren’t any, he refused my claim, got up and checked the sports page.  He was astonished.  So was I.


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