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Weird Timing

I found this interesting, not just the article but the content and the timing.  Is Rove trying to show us that Bush is in fact intelligent, which is obvious for someone with his education and professional credentials?  Rove created and sold the dumbed-down yokel, tough cowboy image that Bush rode to two terms of presidency.  Why now, a month before his tenure as President is over, cite his academic prowess.  Seems bizarre to me.


Enjoy the article, here is the link.


Rove is undoubtedly a political genius, though this move seems like a genuine act of friendship.  Perhaps after years of selling out his friend and ally as a hackneyed farmboy, Rove is willing to allow he is actually a blueblood prep-schooler.  There is nothing wrong with that, in fact most American Presidents come from similar wealthy, educated upbringings.  My best guess is Rove is trying to save some face for his old friend, who leaves 1600 Penn with the most tarnished Presidential legacy since Nixon.  Rove wants us to know the better side of George W. Bush, but sadly this comes too little, too late.


Great follow up by Richard Cohen here.


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