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Band Aids & Revolutions

Health care reform — can we save the time and call this a preliminary disaster?  Every American deserves the option to purchase health insurance; those who cannot afford insurance should be subsidized.  At the same time employers cannot be mandated to provide insurance for all employees.  Has Nancy Pelosi or any of her ridiculous brethren looked at an economic forecast lately?  Americans are losing jobs at a rapid pace; is it a good idea to force employers into more expenses?  No.  Employee mandates are the worst possible idea.

What did you say is going on in the economy?

Nice shades Nanc....

 The most ridiculous part of this debate is that there is already a bi-partisan health care reform proposal on the table!!!   Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Bob Bennet (R-UT) worked outside of party constraints and came up with a plan that is affordable to uninsured individuals and affordable to the federal government.  Best yet, the millions of Americans happy with their existing plan make no changes. 

The plan won’t work.  Politics are stronger than bright ideas, ultimately both Wyden and Bennet become pigeonholed by party leadership.  Something will happen on health care, my guess is by September, but why go through the absurd motions of floor debate in both chambers of Congress when an acceptable, perhaps preferable, plan already exists.

Across the world we have a much different problem.  Protesters are being killed in the streets, students brutalized by militia-titled teenage maniacs, all while the world watches Tehran.  We are right to watch, we cannot intervene due to the delicate nature of relations in the Middle East, and, sadly, because our armed forces are spread too thin throughout the rest of the region.

But at what point are we irresponsible to continue to encourage the protests?  I want nothing more than Ahmadinejad exiled like a modern day Napoleon, though time is the strongest asset the revolution has.  To expect a sudden implosion of power in Iran is naive, protesters should follow recent successes in Eastern Europe and continue to organize non-violently, slowly eradicating the power base from the bottom up. 

When students lay slaughtered in the streets of Beijing parts of the world expected democracy to take over in Mao’s backyard.  It still hasn’t.  No way is the Iranian autocracy nearly as forceful as their Chinese counterpart; however, we cannot expect the revolution to occur overnight.  All that occurs expecting overnight results are more tragedies, more blood in the streets.


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