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Fight the Good Fight

Great op-ed from Roger Cohen, reminds me why I went back to school and attempted this journalism stuff anyway.  Democracy is on the way to Tehran, a force bigger than any dictator, unless you’re in Honduras.

Sarah Palin, huh? 

These running shoes are made for walking

These running shoes are made for walking

That speech rambled along like a 13 year old girl explaining her favorite Jonas Brother.  I realize her shtick is to speak from the heart, shoot from the hip or whatever cliche is applicable to nonsensical babbling, but, come on, she needs advisors in her camp that will stand up to the Duchess of Dumb.  Who thought the timing of the announcement would not be questioned?   Friday night of a holiday weekend screams avoidance.  Palin once possessed the personality and charisma to lead the Republican Party.  Through a series of ridiculous, often bizarre, actions, she will never reach that position.


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