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With Great Power Comes…What Exactly?

The election of President Obama was a landslide.  There were celebrations in the streets from DC to Nairobi.  People were elated, and the international goodwill raised the worldwide image of the US after a ruinous 8 years of Bush leadership.

So where is the leader now?  He has the house passing the costliest, most ridiculous health bill ever seen on Capitol Hill and now his hand picked Attorney General is discussing prosecuting CIA officials after the POTUS guaranteed immunity for previous actions.

Simply put the President needs to exercise his considerable power and vast popularity.  Use the bully pulpit made famous by Reagan; come up with a realistic health bill and control Cabinet members.  What is worse is the President is getting pushed around by those in his own party.  Sweet ol’ Nancy Pelosi has been pushing Obama around since his inauguration, continuing to do so with both the health bill and the CIA witch hunt.

The House health bill has no chance of passing through the Senate.  Significant changes will be made before any bill gets to 1600 Penn.  The correct move would have been Obama inviting leaders from the House and Senate to devise a plan for a health bill, then those leaders going to their fellow legislators and writing the bill Obama wants, not to mention a bill with potential to pass.  Instead, extreme corners of the left hijacked the health bill, presenting an impossible, financially crippling bill to the Senate.  Thanks again Nancy.

As for the CIA, bad things happened.  We get it.   Don’t do it again, it is utterly un-American.  Please somebody tell Nancy and her cohorts on the periphery of the national conscience to move on.  At this point the over saturation of prisoner abuse and torture is approaching levels never before seen.  Or never before seen until the media circus that was MJ’s funeral anyway.


4 Responses to “With Great Power Comes…What Exactly?”

  1. This is Obama’s Waterloo alright, except he’s Wellington and the Repubs are Napoleon.

    Sorry mate. Healthcare reform might not pass in August, but eventually, it will pass and Republicans, for having opposed it so vehemently will be damaged politically.

    You guys really can’t afford that. Aside from this, there’s the newest U.S. census stats, revealing a Hispanic majority in years to come. They will comprise the bulk of the electorate in the not so distant future and are known for not voting Republican.

    So, instead of this Waterloo branding, why don’t you guys spend this time reaching out to them? That makes sense to me. Independents alone will not carry you to victory.

    2012 isn’t THAT far away. So, if you want to topple Obama, why not find more baskets for your eggs. Nailing him on health care alone will not do.

    Also, it might serve you guys well to leave the birther lunacy and teabagger nonsense by the wayside. Because that foolishness looks much sillier than the “costliest, most ridiculous bill ever seen on Capitol Hill.”

    • Lots to respond to here, but first, thanks for the comment. Labeling me a Republican is innaccurate, last ballot I checked was for BarryO, though I do tend to lean conservative in fiscal matters. Thus, this health bill is a disaster. Ask the CBO or any other independent agency who runs the numbers. Something needs to be done about costs, they should start with Medicare; the autonomous agency suggested by Obama to examine and find ways to cut costs is a great start, though it it’s opposed by Nancy and her ilk, simply because she wants no agency outside of her control.

      As for the Hispanic vote, W. Bush carried the demographic in 2000 and 2004. While you are right about extreme right-wing lunacy (birth certificate loonies, bill o’reilly, etc), there are core values of the GOP many (read: majority) Hispanic voters connect with.

      I recently read an Esquire interview with Jeb Bush. He was asked who the future of the party was, his reply was prescient. He indicated Obama was just a state senator in this decade; the future of the GOP may not exist yet, but that is not to say an effective, charismatic leader will not arrive.

      My blog posts strongest point, which perhaps I did not convey, is that Obama needs to seize the incredible power and political currency he holds from the extremes of his party. Tell Nancy, Harry and Barney to get in line, Barry is here and he is ready.

  2. “As for the Hispanic vote, W. Bush carried the demographic in 2000 and 2004.”

    Not to harp too much, but George Bush did NOT win the Hispanic vote. He received a little over 40%, which is pretty good for a Republican candidate, but still not a majority.

    Contrast that with Obama, who received 67% of Hispanic vote in 2008.

    I’m not writing the GOP off or anything. It’s just that demographics are starting to work against them.

    I repeat: the U.S. Census predicts a majority-minority nation by 2042. In 2023, the majority of young people will be non-white. Do you honestly see these folks casting a ballot for Palin, Romney or the like? Honestly, now.

    In your recent post, you cheerily mention Obama’s plummeting favorability numbers…yeah, with a certain sector of the electorate.

    Among blacks and hispanics, his numbers remain strong. His approval rating has dropped a mere two percentage points among Hispanic voters.

    There’s no way the GOP will ever get a majority of the Hispanic vote. They might come close like Bush, but that’s all.

    Michael “I’m taking potato salad and fried chicken to the hood to win over black votes” Steele and Bobby “Kermit the Frog” Jindal are not helping. And that 47% of the country who casted ballots for McCain is dwindling into non-existence.

    Blue “Repubs in sheep clothing” dogs and Independents can vote against Obama in 2012 if they want to, and it still won’t make much of a difference.

    One million town hall melees won’t reverse that trend.

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