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Finkel is Einhorn

November 28, 2007

The climatic finish of the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura rarely draws comparison to political campaigning, however the two character-one person ending of Ace Ventura compares strongly to the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns.  Just as Finkel is Einhorn, Ron Paul 2008 is quite similar to Howard Dean 2004.  Dean’s campaign was the first to embrace […]

War is a Motherfu****

November 14, 2007

Presented the task of reading military blogs my initial reaction was surprise.  I had no idea the abundance and brevity of milblogs on the Web and the resulting emotions that occur upon reading.  Through my digging I found American Soldier and was confronted with the harsh realities that are war; not to mention plagiarized my title.  […]

My Buddy Dan

November 6, 2007

Even though we have never met I consider Dan Steinberg a close friend.  You see I check in on Dan at least twice a day, and often many times more than that.  We have very similar tastes and sense of humor, although we are at different stages in our life; Dan married with kids, me single and […]

The Gamer

October 31, 2007

Once upon a time I was a huge video game guy, however my peak was probably in middle school and the decline has been steady ever since.  I always prefer sports games as opposed to first person or fantasy games.  My favorite video game ever is probably Madden from the early 90’s, and the only computer […]

Comcast or Comcrap

October 30, 2007

Luckily my good friend Robert Scoble explained there are no rules to blogging, because I’m pulling the gloves off for this one.  I hate Comcast, have since I was 19 and they charged me for a cable box I returned.  FYI to my younger readers, don’t put the cable bill in your name while in […]

Copyrights, Bob Saget & Kanye

October 24, 2007

The Aristocrats is a documentary movie in which many different comedians tell the same joke with there own personal touches.  The joke generally is told with content much too graphic to be posted here, however a link is provided.  The humor is raunchy; the joke is hysterical, although that is not what makes the movie […]

Ari Gold Eat Your Heart Out

October 23, 2007

So if this journalism thing doesn’t work out maybe I should look into talent representation.  My client, err I mean friend, Bo Gorman’s Wikipedia page.  Bo and I have been friends since my freshmen year at college and when given the task of creating a Wikipedia page I thought Bo could use one.  When Spielberg is […]

Wiki Wiki Wah

October 17, 2007

Wisdom of crowds or mob mentality?  Glass half full or half empty?  The finality of these questions does not allow for the grey area these questions demand.  When examining the virtues of an application like Wikipedia these and other similar questions beg to be asked.  The issue of validity certainly arises; after all there is […]

Panama Phone Jack

October 10, 2007

Why did I pick Panama?  Primarily selfish reasons; if all goes according to plan I will spend Spring Break ’08 sailing through the Panama Canal and when told to research a foreign countries internet habits Panama was the first country that popped into my head.  Considered a third world country, Panama is also in the […]


October 3, 2007

As a MySpace veteran I was forced to undergo the transformation to Facebook and approached with some trepidation.  I had my friends and my nice little MySpace universe, why must I be forced to start over in the Facebook world?  Sure I had dated girls who told me how immature it was to be on […]