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Credibility in Media

April 17, 2008

Defining credibility in media has always been difficult, since the explosion of blog’s that definition has gotten even harder.  A journalist’s credibility has long been associated with their press pass; the invitation to cover events validating that individual’s reliability to provide factual news information.  As bloggers are slowly embraced by news makers, though not necessarily […]

Decency in Media

April 10, 2008

Decency and taste in journalism have long been issues in the journalism world.  The advent of the internet has only heightened public awareness of the vulgarities on display throughout the world. The information, particularly visual, available online has changed what the public sees and is aware of.   The information available online leaves the journalist in […]

Advocating Blues

February 14, 2008

 The advent of advocacy journalism poses many potential pitfalls.  The journalist is entrusted by readers to present truths through a neutral eye.  In extreme situations of human suffering the journalist must struggle mightily with removing emotion from reporting.  Reporting that is dry is also boring; rarely do readers make it to the end of articles.  […]

Blogs vs Media

February 6, 2008

Digital media has caused much debate throughout the world with blogs and news aggregation services driving much of the rancor.  Understandably existing forms of media have much disdain for the new form; established newspapers are quick to point out disinformation presented by blogs and trumpet fact checking abilities.  The dismissal of blogs as a source […]

Politics & Loyalties

February 1, 2008

 The question of personal loyalties affecting journalism is quite short sighted; there is no denying that loyalties will affect journalism.  A person has certain inherent loyalties and regardless of the effort put into restraining these efforts loyalties will pervade.  The more important question is if reporters should remove personal loyalties?  Personal makeup is a strong […]

The Juice on Ethics

January 24, 2008

The debate presented between ethical issues and journalistic integrity is not new or recently developed.  Journalists have been balancing the possible outcomes over publishing controversial stories against the possible harm of those stories for decades.  Such ambiguous areas make a definitive “correct ethical choice” nearly impossible, as each individual must make there own decisions.            This […]


January 16, 2008

New year, new semester, new classes.  I will be posting my weekly discussion essays from Conversations about Journalism and Ethics, below is my first entry.  For those not interested please use the categories on the right to find your interest.  Still not interested, go read AOL news or something because you’re just not on my level.   Now, on […]