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Cuidado de los Crocos

May 27, 2008

I recently returned from a trip to Panama that included a voyage through the Panama Canal.  Below is my record of events; kind of long so get into a comfortable reading position.     Tuesday May 13, 10:15 pm   The anticipation, combined with the heat, made it hard to fall asleep. I definitely wasn’t […]

After the Party

March 14, 2008

As the hype surrounding Caron Butler’s birthday built I read enough to know I wanted to attend.  Through a series of phone calls and the grace of a 35 year old guy in eye shadow, the doorguy a friend knew, I got in.  The scene on 14th St. wasn’t quite a madhouse but headed that […]

State of My Union

March 13, 2008

No blogging in a while, I have been mired in actual work, fake work and all the effort that goes into my look.  Plus my writing of late has been uber-personal, more so than my travels through the Pacific Northwest or redundant ethical statements, and I wasn’t comfortable sharing it with the masses.  Let them […]

Taking The Plunge

January 29, 2008

Cold.  Bitter Cold.  Imagine a thousand pins piercing your skin at once combined with the tingle from hitting your funny bone with a crowbar.  In a meat locker.  In Greenland.  That is my best attempt at describing the cold of jumping into 37 degree water.  The Chesapeake Bay, long my friend, dealt me a serious […]

No Bull

January 22, 2008

Recently a friend was dreaming up plans of a European vacation.  In conversation I mentioned my backpacking trip to Europe the summer after I graduated from college, specifically Spain.  I realize reminiscing is the lowest form of conversation, but I have been accused of much worse.  Spain is an incredible country, with a lifestyle and […]

My Winter Vacation

January 9, 2008

Tupac was quite fond of spouting “West Coast is the best coast”; while I won’t go as far as that I have recently returned from a two week sojourn from Santa Cruz CA to Seattle WA with tremendous results.  Trip started in San Francisco with the majority of time spent in the city by the […]

Dont Mess with Weng Weng

October 15, 2007

This is too funny to not post.  Enjoy the video, safe to watch at work although there is a little bad language.  My apologies in advance to any Filipino little people that read my blog and feel this video is exploitive. 

A Cynics Guide to DC

September 28, 2007

Certain things must simply be done; after all you don’t go backpacking in Europe and not go through Paris.  Wait, I did that, bad example.  Anyway, when you hit the nations capitol there is a certain amount of nationalist propaganda you have to be ready to absorb and this will come at you in various […]