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Thanks NYT for the Plagiarism

July 24, 2009

While I will never prove it, I am pretty sure David Brooks must read my blog.  His column is in accord with my last post, either way BarryO is blowing his chances at this health care game.  Plenty of polls show it too. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Advertisements

With Great Power Comes…What Exactly?

July 16, 2009

The election of President Obama was a landslide.  There were celebrations in the streets from DC to Nairobi.  People were elated, and the international goodwill raised the worldwide image of the US after a ruinous 8 years of Bush leadership. So where is the leader now?  He has the house passing the costliest, most ridiculous […]


July 7, 2009

Is this dude really going to have a major impact on Health Care Reform in our country?  Why Minnesota, why? What is most jarring is the sudden importance of this comedian turned politician; Franken will sit on the Senate Judiciary committee to examine Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as well as a crucial spot on […]

Fight the Good Fight

July 6, 2009

Great op-ed from Roger Cohen, reminds me why I went back to school and attempted this journalism stuff anyway.  Democracy is on the way to Tehran, a force bigger than any dictator, unless you’re in Honduras. Sarah Palin, huh?  That speech rambled along like a 13 year old girl explaining her favorite Jonas Brother.  I realize her […]

Band Aids & Revolutions

June 25, 2009

Health care reform — can we save the time and call this a preliminary disaster?  Every American deserves the option to purchase health insurance; those who cannot afford insurance should be subsidized.  At the same time employers cannot be mandated to provide insurance for all employees.  Has Nancy Pelosi or any of her ridiculous brethren […]

Quiet Please

February 26, 2009

 When I was in college my friends and I watched and re-watched a tivoed HBO special of Jamie Foxx doing stand up.  One of my favorite bits was Foxx imploring various people in Hollywood and beyond to go “sit down somewhere”.  He gave this advice to OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson and others; basically telling them […]

Detroit Bailout City

December 18, 2008

The potential of Chrysler closing all 30 plants is undoubtedly sad and will leave many thousands of people in an incredible bind over the coming holiday weeks.  What needs to be pointed out, shouted from the top of Capitol Hill if necessary, is how incredibly transparent this move is in an attempt to force through […]